Commission request sheet for photo/item commissions

Thank you so much for supporting my art~! I hope I make you happy with your request. For most commissions the price is clear and easily negotiable, however remember these Cosplay and photos take time and energy so please be patient and willing to honor payment requests (prices listed are minimum prices and do not include shipping or extra things I need to buy to honor your request). For all my commissions I require up front payment (this is non negotiable) and I have to ask that any photo requests are not posted online unless we discuss it and credit is given to me!

Please Fill In FORM Below


Most importantly I am to be respected, I am an artist and reserve the right to refuse any request with or without explanation.

Anyway, thank you again for supporting me! Please fill out the sheet below you so much for the support and I hope I make you happy! If not, feel free to email me back and we can talk about fixing the problem!

Love Always