16.03.2012 - Anime Conji San Diego California Cosplay Netsuko (OC)

17.03.2012 - Anime Conji San Diego California Cosplay Netsuko (OC)

18.03.2012 - Anime Conji San Diego California Cosplay Netsuko (OC)

19.04.2012 - P.A.N.A.M.A Collection Show / San Bernadino CA. Accessories Modeling.

09.06.2012 - 2nd Street Jazz ChocolateCoveredCosplay Event Los Angeles CA. Private wear

Chocolate Covered Cosplay 1 year Anniversary Los Angeles CA, Brief, Panty and Stocking.

17.08.2012 - Anime LasVegas, Nevada. Cosplay Chocolate Sushi

18.08.2012 - Anime LasVegas, Nevada. Cosplay Demon Girl

19.08.2012 - Anime LasVegas, Nevada. Cosplay Michiko to Hatchin

名前: Angel Tenshi 

誕生日:8 月 2 日 


头发颜色: Black (黒) 



バスト 81

ウエスト 64

腰 89

趣味: Drawing, sewing, listening to music, dancing, cooking, hanging out and experiencing new things! 

Artist Status:ACTIVE


好きな食べ物:Chocolate chip pancakes

好みのデザート: Cake with chocolate frosting

好きな色:Pink, light blue, creme

好きな音楽ジャンル:Indie, Hip Hop, R&B, dance music

Artists who inspire me:Omi Gibson (cosplayer), KANAME☆ (cosplayer), Kagune (cosplayer) Reika (cosplayer)

Favorite Manga:Zone-00, Dogs, Yaoi \(* o *)/

事実品番1:Loves to play Video games

品番2:Loves to do makeup and hair for friends

品番3:Love to cook new foods